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Services for Peace of Mind

Services for Peace of Mind

Serving The Southcentral Pennsylvania Area

Our Caregivers are trained to watch for conditions in the home or surroundings that might need attention or could pose a safety hazard.  Our company Safety Committee offers our Caregivers routine and seasonal tips about things like changing furnace filters, testing and maintaining smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, attention to details such as throw rugs that may be a tripping hazard, the possible need for shower stools, handheld shower heads, and raised toilet seats.

If family or friends are not available to attend to these needs, Christian Companion knows of qualified, dependable persons or companies who can help with services such as:

  • Performing odd jobs, light home maintenance, and seasonal projects such a changing screens, storing outdoor furniture, and holiday decorations.
  • Providing in-home medical care
  • Performing as legal, financial, insurance and other professional services
  • Finding opportunities for social involvement in the community

Respite Family Relief

Everyone deserves a break from their daily routine and tasks. But what if you feel unable to take a break because you’re responsible for the care of a loved one? You can turn to our respite caregivers for help!

Taking care of a family member can be exhausting and stressful for everyone involved. That’s why we offer our home care services 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Our respite caregivers in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, provide a range of assistance options to ensure your family member is receiving the ultimate senior care, allowing you to get some well-deserved rest. Stop feeling guilty and let our services provide some relief!


Our home care assistance can help seniors with their laundry – including washing, drying, ironing, and putting it away. If possible, we try and involve your loved one with these duties to keep them physically active and to ensure their laundry is finished according to personal preferences. We can also change bed linens for our clients, to ensure they have a clean and comfortable sleeping area. Your personal care is important to us!

Light Housekeeping Services

At Christian Companion Senior Care, we recognize that keeping a tidy house is not always possible for many seniors. That is why we offer senior care that includes light housekeeping duties such as cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floors. Our caregivers can also assist with general tidying, organizing closets or drawers, as well as taking out the recycling and trash. If there is a task that is beyond our abilities, we will help to schedule any necessary home maintenance service.

Meal Preparation & Cooking

Do you have a family member that has difficulty preparing daily meals? Are you worried about their health and the nutrition they receive? Let us help!

Our caregivers can fully prepare nutritious meals, or just provide extra help around the kitchen. The elder care we provide allows all seniors to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, while making sure they eat a well-balanced meal and receive proper nutrition. Your loved one deserves the absolute best care!

Care for pets

It is a proven fact that people share a strong bond with the animals they love. Our pets have the ability to make us happy and lift our spirits. At Christian Companion Senior Care, we understand how important this bond is and that is why we’ve created a home care service that will not only take care of your family member, but their beloved pet as well. We can assist with daily walks, feeding, grooming, and even arrange visits to the local veterinarian. Our caregivers help seniors and the animals they love, stay in their home longer!

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